We add prefixes to splynx for identify the calls when the CDR is imported. We could also import all prefixes from a .csv file.

In Voice → Prefixes, click on add.

Add prefixes

Complete the fields.

Create prefixes

  • Prefix - Add the prefix using the following patterns

You can use phone patterns for match phone numbers group. Patterns are created with using special symbols. Example pattern for Angola phone numbers: 244{.}.

Special symbols:

Symbol Description
{x} One digit from 0 to 9.
{z} One digit from 1 to 9.
{n} One digit from 2 to 9.
{!} Zero or more any characters.
{.} One or more any characters.
{100-300} Number between 100 and 300. You can use any numbers instead of 100 and 300.
{123|456} One of "123" or "456". You can use any string pattern instead of "123" and "456".


Phone pattern Description
+28050420{30-40} Phone must begin with "+28050420" and end with number from 30 to 40.
{380|250}{x}{x}{x} Phone must begin with one of "380" or "250". Then must be three digit from 0 to 9
{z}{3|4}{n}{n} Phone must begin with digit from 1 to 9. Then "3" or "4" and then two digit from 2 to 9
{!} Any phone number
  • Destination - Field for identify which type of destination is that prefix, like international, fixed, mobile...etc.

  • Rate Type - Set Call, SMS or Data.

  • Category ID - Select the category. Should be previously added.

Other way is to use the import tool. Import tool