AADE MyData integration (for Greece)

This module was designed to help the customers from Greece synchronize invoices in Splynx with AADE myData service as per government requirements.

To install this module navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons and find splynx-aade-gr module and install it:


Once this done, navigate to Config → Integrations → Modules list for initial setup:


Then click on the Edit button under the module:


Here you should specify AADE myData API settings:



  • Username - registered aade-user-id;

  • Subscription key - Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key.

After that, you should configure synchronization settings:


  • Partners ignore list - select partners which will be ignored through synchronization process;

  • VAT number - specify your registered VAT number;

  • Issuer country - GR for Greece;

  • Issuer branch - if the branch is headquarters or doesn't exist, the branch field must have a value of 0;

  • Invoice series - mandatory for some invoice types (A by default);

  • VAT Exemption Cause - exemption cause for items with Without VAT tax rate;

  • Default counterpart country - counterpart country code to use by default (GR by default);

  • Default counterpart branch - counterpart branch to use by default (0 by default);

  • Synchronize invoices by cron - enable/disable automatic synchronization of invoices.

Once this done, you need to configure elnvoicing tax rates, invoicing categories and payment methods:


Let's start with tax rates configuration:


You need to pair existing TAX rates in Splynx with rates loaded from AADE.

Then, please configure invoices categories:



In this form the categories and types of invoices should be mapped with the loaded categories and types from AADE:



Once this done, you should configure mapping of payment methods:


After that, there is one more place to update settings, it's under Finance → Splynx AADE myDATA:



These settings are individual and may differ for every company. Some types of invoices require a customer's VAT number (on a customer view under field VAT).

All types of invoices require a customer's VAT number, except : Retail Sales Receipt, Service Rendered Receipt, Simplified Invoice, Retail Sales Credit Note.

To find out how these categories and types should be configured, you can download a file that contains sheets for each invoice type: Download.

image IMPORTANT - the invoice which contains positive (100) and negative (-100) items can't be synced to AADE. These items should be separated into different invoices.

To find the list of invoices that have been synchronized with AADE, navigate to Administration → Logs → eInvocing:



eInvoicing ID field contains the ID of the synced invoice/credit note. If this field is empty, it means that the invoice/credit note has not been synced.