CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) configuration

To configure features of CPE, navigate to Config → Networking → CPE:


The following parameters can be configured here:



  • 1KB is - specify the amount of bytes for 1KB for CPE traffic accounting (1000 or 1024 bytes).



  • Debug - enables MikroTik debug log (for debug/test purposes);

  • Attempts - select the connection attempts (1-10);

  • Timeout - select timeout in seconds.



  • Reverse in/out - enable this if you want to change upload by download and vice versa;

  • Queue type for download - set the queue download type;

  • Queue type for upload - set the queue upload type.

  • Default QoS rules - QoS rules can be specified here in format 1 rule = 1 line;

  • Simple target (default) - select a network.



  • Enable WLAN management - enables/disables WLAN management.

Customer blocking

customer blocking

  • Enable blocking on CPE - enables/disables blocking on CPE with NAT rules;

  • IP - specify the IP to send all traffic to;

  • Port - specify the port to send all traffic to.

DHCP (default configuration)


  • Enabled - enables/disables using of the default config on the CPE;

  • Name - specify a name of the DHCP server;

  • Interface - type of interface;

  • Lease time - lease time in minutes;

  • Network - specify the network;

  • Gateway - specify the gateway;

  • Pool from - use IPs start from this IP;

  • Pool to - last IP to be used from pool;

  • DNS servers - specify DNS servers separated by comma;

  • WINS servers - specify WINS servers separated by comma.

image Please make sure you have saved the settings after the changes.