Modules list


In this section you can configure addons which you have previously installed.

For example, we have installed the Cashdesk and GoCardless-RB addons.

To configure these add-ons navigate to Config/Integrations/Modules list:


The module can be edited, removed and entry points can be configured(if an addon has entry points) here.

Let's edit the "Cashdesk" addon:


Please do not change the API SETTINGS if you are not sure of what it is and how it works. After making changes please don't forget to click "Save" to save your changes.

Now we want to enable entry points for the customer's portal. Let's head back to the modules list and click on "Entry points":

entry points

We would advise you not to change any configurations here except that of enabling/disabling entry points. If you are going to use entry points on the portal, make sure that this option is enabled in the module configuration:


Once the entry points for the portal are enabled, let's see how it looks:



Customers can now pay for invoices directly from the portal.