Tariff Change

This feature can be used to change a tariff in the system, regardless of how many customers are subscribed to it. This feature is used for mass changes as its functionality is to change the plan selected with another plan on the system for all customers subscribed to the plan.

This feature is available to use for all types of tariff's in the system to conveniently change the tariff for all customers using it, the feature can be used by clicking on the "Change plan" button in the Actions column of each respective tariff table:

Tariff change

You will be presented with the following window:

Tariff Change

You then need to select the following parameters:

  • New plan start date - select the date to apply the change of plan for all customers using this plan.

  • New plan - select the new plan to change to from the list of available plans in the drop down list, if desired, plans can be created prior to using this feature.

  • Ignore balance - enabling this option will ignore the balance of the current plan for each of the customers registered to this plan.

Upon specifying these parameters, the plan description and price will appear, and the "Preview" button will become available.

Tariff Change

Simply click on the "Preview" button to display the preview of results found for all customers using this plan, in this case there is only one customer subscribed to this plan:

Tariff Change

To confirm the action, simply click on "Change tariff" or click on back to the first step if you need to change anything.

When clicking on "Change tariff", you will be presented with the following window:

Tariff Change

Simply click on "Confirm" to proceed with the action.

Now we can move on to the next step and display the results of the Change plan action, this will display a list of all customers the change plan has been executed on and the result of the action in the form of a "Status":

Tariff Change