Adding a new customer

To add a customer, click on the Customers Menu → + Add. A window will appear where you will fill in the next fields:

Add customer

  • Login and Password - it is possible to generate a new login and password or add it manually. The button Generate button is used to generate a new login and password. To view the current password simply click on the asterisks (*) that mask the password..
  • Type of billing - whether a customer is being billed prepaid or recurring.
  • Full name - full name of the customer.
  • Email - email of the customer.
  • Phone Number - phone number of the customer.
  • Category - if customer is a private person or a company.
  • Date of birth - birthday of the customer
  • Passport - passport of the customer
  • Partner - partner the customer belongs to.
  • Location - location of the customer
  • Date added - the date when the customer has been added
  • Street - Street of the customer
  • ZIP code - ZIP code of the customer
  • City - city of the customer
  • Geo Data - physical coordinates of the customer

The login and password are created based on a randomly generated pattern.

To define the pattern, click on Config → Main→ Customers. This will enable you to define symbols for generating the login and password.

Customers configuration

Character generator

It is possible to personalize a customer's parameters with the function Additional field in Config → System → Additional fields.

When you create an additional field for a customer, select Add to get the parameter in the customer's profile by default.

Create additional field