Supplier invoices

Supplier invoices

If you want to add product items – you have to add it via creating «supplier invoice» here.

Press «Add invoice» and fill invoice fields. Create invoice

  • Supplier – choose a supplier. This is obligatory.
  • Supplier invoice number – Invoice number from supplier. (Not necessary)
  • File – if you have invoice file (an image or a document) you can specify it here. It’ll be downloaded in the system while invoice is creating. Afterwards you can view or download it for your needs.
  • Product – choose an existing product. Or you can type new product name and product will be created automatically.
  • Quantity – items count to add to the system
  • Price – purchase price of this items.

If you press «Add» invoice – the new window will appear. There you can add barcodes of the items. (You can edit barcodes later by pressing Barcode ) Add barcode

After creating invoice – items of selected products will be added to the system. They will have status In stock

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