Supplier invoices

If you want to add product items, do it via creating a supplier invoice:

Supplier invoices

Press Add invoice and fill in the fields:

Create invoice

  • Supplier – choose a supplier (obligatory).
  • Supplier invoice number – invoice number from the supplier (if needed).
  • File – if you have an invoice file (an image or a document) you can specify it here. It will be downloaded in the system while invoice is creating. Afterwards you can view or download it for your needs.
  • Product – choose an existing product. Or you can type in a new product name, and a product will be created automatically.
  • Quantity – items count to add to the system.
  • Price – purchase price of this item.

After clicking on Add, a new window appears. There you can add barcodes and serial numbers of the items.

Add barcode

You can edit them later by pressing Barcode for barcodes or Serial number for serial numbers:

Edit barcode

After creating an invoice, items of the selected products will be added to the system (if they were not added before). They will have status In stock.