The main settings of the Administrator and Customer portal can be configured in Config → Main → Preferences.

Config menu

Default landing page

Here you can select which page (Customer or Admin portal) will be opened when your Splynx URL is accessed:

default page

Administration portal

admin portal admin portal

The following settings apply to the Administration portal only:

  • Title for admin pages - header for the tab name in the browser (Splynx: Preferences, Splynx: Dashboard);
  • Reset password - enables/disables the option to reset the password for the Admin portal;
  • Code validity - how many hours (from 1 up to 72) the code for the password reset is valid;
  • Attempts limit - how many attempts can be made to change the password during the code validity period;
  • Type of resetting password - select a method to reset password (Email or SMS);
  • Template for email message - select the template for the email message to reset the password;
  • Text for SMS message - type the text for the SMS message with the code (default field value: Password reset code: {{ code }});
  • Characters available when generating an email check code - specify the list of characters available for code generation via email;
  • Email check code length - specify the length of the code for the email;
  • Characters available when generating an SMS check code - specify the list of characters available for code generation via SMS;
  • SMS check code length - specify the length of the code for SMS.

Server side data table processing

server side

  • Enable processing - enables/disables server processing in the customer list and finance section;
  • Search delay - search delay in milliseconds (500 by default).


Please do not change this field. The URL is used to load built-in documentation by API.


Auto backup settings


Settings for auto backup.

  • Enabled - enables/disables auto backup;
  • Period - period for auto backup (Month, Week, Day);
  • Password - password for auto backup (auto_backup_ by default);
  • Prefix - prefix for auto backup files;
  • Categories for backup - select what to backup (Full database, RRD files, Template, Addons and handlers, Public uploads);
  • Rotation amount - counter of auto backups for storage.

Mention notifications

These notifications are used to notify administrators when they are mentioned within Tasks, the CRM module, Tickets, as well as in customers' comments.


  • Enable Mentions notifications - enables/disables mentions notifications;
  • Template - select the template for notification body.

Mention group notifications


  • Enable Group Mentions notifications - enable/disable group mentions notifications;
  • Template - template for notification body.

Generate favicons

Here you can upload a custom image to create the favicons for your Splynx. A favicon serves as branding for your website. Its main purpose is to help visitors locate your page easier e.g. in opened tabs, bookmarks etc.




Click on Download icons set to download the archive with different size files (.png (from 16x16 to 310x310) / .ico (16x16 and 64x64)).

Click on Use as the system icons to use the set of icons in the system.