This section displays a list of all internal operations executed automatically by the system.

All data is represented in a table displaying the date & time of the operation, the operation executed, the result of the operations and an actions column with an option to view detailed information of the operation.

Internal Logs

This table can be filtered to view data by a specific Customer ID, a specific Period and type of Operation at the top right corner of the table. Also, below the filter, on the top right corner of the table, is located a search bar where operations can be searched for by particular text related to internal operations.

Detailed information of each operation can be viewed by clicking on the details icons in the Actions column:

Internal Logs

Internal Logs

Like all tables in Splynx, the table can be modified to display fields of your choice with the breadcrumbs view_icon3.png icon at the bottom of the table or exported in a format of choice with the export view_icon2.png icon.