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We have developed this feature to support lead creation through other/company websites, directly on your Splynx server.

The result code can be copied to your website and potential customers can register for your services (become a lead in Splynx) directly on your website.

Form settings

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Form details can be customized/changed here, the following fields are important and should be configured with special attention:

  • Use HTTPS - if SSL configuration is set and your Splynx server uses HTTPS, this option must always be enabled;

  • Partner - select the partner that the lead will be associated with;

  • Owner - the administrator assigned or responsible for the lead, after the lead has been created through self-registration.

  • Include VAT in tariff price - if enabled, the total price of the tariff plan including VAT will be displayed. If the VAT included option is enabled in the Internet tariff settings, the current option will be ignored;

  • Terms & Conditions template - template can be created in Config → System → Templates, select Type: Terms & conditions and press the Add button.

Notifications settings

After the lead has registered, the Splynx administrator can receive an email notification. In this section select which administrator /-s will receive the notification and which template will be used:


A template for the notification can be created in Config → System → Templates, select Type: Email and press Add.

Result code and Preview

After making the necessary changes in the Form Settings and Form Fields sections. Please be sure to click on the Save button to apply these changes. After that the widget code will be generated with the parameters you configured.


Press the Preview button to check the result.


After filling in all the required fields, the lead will have to enter Captcha symbols and submit the form. The lead will then be created in Splynx.

Form fields

Fields can be managed with the available options in the table. We can add a new main/additional field, change its position, make the field required, delete the field, etc.