Refill cards

This is a very easy-to-use and convenient method for your customers' to pay for their service and/or make prepaid deposits. Refill cards can be generated in Splynx with options to export them in PDF or CSV formats, to either send to the customer or print a physical copy to hand to the customer. The customer can then redeem the refill cards via the customer portal.

How to enable refill cards

To enable Refill cards, navigate to Config → Integrations → Main modules → Finance, and simply enable the toggle.


How to generate Refill cards for your customers

  • In Finance → Refill cards → Generate set up parameters for Refill cards generation: Quantity, Prefix, Price, choose the partner and valid date, and click on Generate.

To generate new refill cards, navigate to Finance → Refill cards → Generate, once here, you can specify the parameters to generate the refill cards with.


Parameter descriptions

  • Quantity - The number of refill cards to generate.
  • Prefix - The prefixed characters to use for the series of refill cards.
  • Price - The price of one refill card within the series.
  • Partner - The partners you wish to make this series of refill cards available to.
  • Valid till - The expiration date of the refill cards in the series.

After completing the parameters for the generation of a new series of refill cards, upon generating a new window will appear displaying a table of all the generated refill cards for the new series.


In the Actions column the follow options (Icons) will be available for redeeming, editing, or deleting the refill card selected.

Administrators can redeem a card to top up a customer's balance by clicking on the redeem icon Redeem_icon.


As soon as a card has been redeemed, the status of the card will be changed.


After redeeming a refill card for the customer, it will be displayed in the list of the respective customer's payments table in Customers → View → Billing → Payments

Payment type

Exporting refill cards

By clicking on the export icon Export, you can export cards in two available formats: CSV or PDF for further printing out and/or sending it as a sale to customers.

Export card


The list of all series of refill cards can be found in Finance / Refill Cards / Series

List Series

Here there are options available in the Actions column to edit, view refill cards within the series, export refill cards, or delete the series. Icons

How customer can redeem purchased refill card

First, Refill cards should be enabled for the customer's portal. This can be done under Config → Main → Portal → Finance section.

Portal config

In the Customer's portal, the customer will go to Finance → Payments → Refill card and enter the refill card's full code into the Code field.

Refill card

Customers will be able to check their balances in Finance → Payments → List, where the date of the payment, payment type, amount and a possible comment on the payment will be displayed in a table.