Customer statistics

Customer statistics displays the usage for Internet and Voice services for a specified period.

Statistics Usage,FUP,Sessions

Customer internet statistics are divided into 5 main sections:

  • Total for period - Here we can see the number of sessions, errors, time in total, downloaded and uploaded amount of data.

  • Graph - will show statistics for a certain period of time. You can set up an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly graph to be displayed, where you will see maximum, minimum and average data transfer speed.

  • Usage by days - will show the usage statistics for a certain day.

  • FUP statistics - displays used traffic and bonus traffic (if tariff plan configured with bonus traffic) relating to FUP.

  • Sessions - will show all sessions for a certain period of time with connected/disconnected time, number of errors, amount of downloaded and uploaded MB etc.

If a customer uses has multiple services it is possible to navigate between them or choose the All Internet option, where all services will be shown. It is also possible to set a filter for particular period of time or services to be displayed.

Graph by service

Customer voice statistics consists of 4 main sections:


  • Calls total the duration of calls.

  • Message total the amount of sent messages.

  • Data total the data usage in MB.

  • Voice records displays all calls and messages(it is also possible to set a filter for a type or category).