IPpay is a Splynx add-on which allows refilling of customer balance and paying invoices via the IPpay payment gateway - https://www.ippay.com/.

image To ensure uninterrupted access to IPPay's gateway, please contact their support team or Account Manager to provide your Splynx instance's IP address for whitelisting in their firewall. Failure to do so may result in blocked requests. Contact details are available below.

IPpay contact details:

Aaron Cooper - Account Manager


Tel: 417-483-4651

Support: support@ippay.com

The add-on can work with different credit cards and bank accounts (if cards or bank accounts are saved in customer profiles). It allows you to charge all customers using Direct debit orders.


The add-on can be installed in two methods: via the CLI or the Web UI of your Splynx server.

To install the IPpay add-on via CLI, the following commands can be used:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-ippay

To install it via the Web UI, navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons:


Locate or search for the splynx-ippay add-on and click the Install icon in the Actions column:


Click the OK, confirm button to begin the installation process:



After the installation process is complete, you need to configure the add-on by navigating to Config → Integrations → Modules list:


Locate or search for the splynx-ippay add-on and click the edit Edit (Config) icon in the Actions column:


Terminal ID can be obtained from your IPpay account.



Invoice payment

After completing the configuration, customers can add a credit card or bank account on the Customer Portal in Finance → IpPay payment credentials:



Now customers can pay for their invoices using the IPpay system in Finance → Invoices on the Customer Portal:




Moreover, if one or both payment methods are added by the customer, the administrator can pay the invoices directly from the customer's profile:



If everything goes well, you will see the invoice status marked as Paid on both the customer and admin portals:



On the Customer portal Dashboard, customers can also see the list of unpaid invoices in the Ippay widget (entry point) and buttons with the same name to pay such invoices.


The configuration of add-on Entry points can be found in Config → Integrations → Modules list. Click the entry_point (Edit entry points) icon near the splynx_ippay_addon module item in Actions column. More information about Modules list can be found here.

To refill balances, customers can use the following link - https:///ippay, where they have to choose the Account type, enter the Amount of payment and click the Add button:



Additionally, you can charge all customers in one click. Navigate to Finance → Invoices, set the period and click the Charge button as depicted below:



Direct payments

Using payment links is the simplest way to accept payments made with a credit card or bank account. This feature is available in the IPpay add-on for paying Invoices and Proforma Invoices.

It provides convenience and simplicity for your customers, leading to an increase in on-time payments. For instance, you can include a payment link in the email containing the (proforma) invoice. As a result, customers can quickly make payments by clicking on the link instead of logging into their Portal page.

If customers have saved their payment credentials on the Portal, they won't need to provide further details when using the direct payment link in the future. However, if the credit card is not linked on the Portal, the payment details will need to be entered each time the payment link is used.

To create a direct payment link, please use the patterns below:

To pay the Invoice:

by invoice ID

by invoice number

To pay the Proforma Invoice:

by proforma invoice ID

by proforma invoice number