Splynx supports using three different map engines withing the system: Open Street, Google and Bing maps. To configure Maps in Splynx navigate to Config → Main → Maps


By default, Splynx system uses Open Street map type.

Choosing Open Street type we can set up the following settings:


  • Main bounds - the options are By markers bounds (e.g. the map that starts in starts in Auckland, New Zealand and is restricted to New Zealand. The user can pan away from Auckland and explore other New Zealand cities, but the user cannot pan or zoom to beyond the constraints set on the map.), By country (restricted to specific country only) and By custom area (it's possible to choose the necessary area on the map manually).

  • OpenStreet geocoding - the format that is used when geocoding is processed from the address, e.g. {street}{city}{zip}{location}{partner}| - after | you need to set a delimiter - by default it's a comma.

For Google Map type, it's required to obtain a Google Maps API key (restricted for domain) to use this map type and Google Geocode Javascript API key (restricted for IP) to use google maps geocoding API

Google Maps

For Bing Map type, it's required to create a Bing Maps API key to use this map type.

Bing Maps