Internet plans

To configure the Internet plan, click on the Tariff plans → Internet and click on Add plan.


You will redirect to add plan page and be possible to create a plan.


  • Title - the name that describes the plan in the Internet plans table
  • Service name - the service name will be used for description
  • Price - the monthly price for the service
  • Partners - the partner 's name
  • VAT - the percentage of the VAT
  • VAT Included - select if Price in plan is VAT included or excluded
  • Download speed (Kbps) - the download speed for the internet plan
  • Upload speed (Kbps) - the upload speed for the internet plan. Values of Download and Upload speed are MIR (Maximum Information Rate) – best case scenario, maximum available data rate for flow, if there is free any part of bandwidth.
  • Guaranteed speed limit at - the percentage shows what speed we guarantee for the end user. It's CIR (Committed Information Rate) – worst case scenario, flow will get this amount of traffic rate regardless of other traffic flows. At any given time, the bandwidth should not fall below this committed rate.
  • Priority - the options are: Low, Normal, High. IP packets of customers with High priority will be forwarded as first in case of congestion. Values are 1 (high), 4(normal) and 8(low).
  • Aggregation - how many users will share the speed in plan
  • Burst limit - the percentage of maximum allowed burst speed
  • Burst threshold - the percentage that setups a value of burst on/off switch
  • Burst Time - the period of time for calculation of Burst values
  • Tariff plans available in customer portal - the list of tariffs allowed for changing from current tariff on customer's portal
  • Types of billing - the types of billing for which allowed current tariff
  • Prepaid (custom) period - by default it's monthly and customers will charges for whole month, but you can select "Days amount"
  • Custom period (days)* - appears only when selected "Days amount" (from previous step) and allow to set custom pedion in days (7 days (week), 10 days, etc up to 365 days)


  • Available when register by social network - using from social/self registration addon and allow to select current tariff during registration

It is possible to edit or to delete the tariff with the icons edit.png or delete.pngin the column Actions.

On the left bottom of the table, there are two symbols symbolsbottomleft.png. The first one on the left esportaformati.png is used to copy, print the table and to export it in different formats: Excel, CSV, PDF. The second one modifytheview.png is used to modify the view of the table.

After the creation of Internet plan, it is possible to associate service to the customer. Click on Customer → List, select the customer, click on the tab Services and on the +.


A window will pop up to create the service.

create_service.png create_service_adsl.png

It is possible to see the new service in the Services' table.