Internet plans

Here you create new and configure all your internet plans. You can specify search parameters like "Partner" or display plans with different statuses. To create new internet plans, navigate to Tariff Plans, click on the Internet section then click the Add button at the top right of the page.


You will be redirected to the "Add Plan" page where you need to specify internet plan parameters:


Here is a description of all available options:

  • Title - the name of the plan displayed in the list;

  • Enabled - enable/disable this plan. If disabled - you won't be able to create a service with this plan. Previously created services will be active;

  • Service name - the service description (under customer's internet services list);

  • Price - the price of the service;

  • Partners - select partners who will be able to use this plan;

  • VAT Included - select whether the plan's price includes VAT or not;

  • VAT - the percentage of the tax;

  • Download speed (Kbps) - the download speed limit of the internet plan;

  • Upload speed (Kbps) - the upload speed limit of the internet plan.
    Values of Download and Upload speeds are MIR (Maximum Information Rate) – best-case scenario, maximum data rate available for flow, if there is any free part of bandwidth;

  • Guaranteed speed limit at - the percentage we guarantee for the end-user. Depends on the setup but we recommend to always select None. This is the CIR (Committed Information Rate) – worst-case scenario, traffic will flow at this rate regardless of other traffic flows, at any given time, the bandwidth should not fall below this committed rate;

  • Priority - the priority of IP packets of the plan, options are: Low, Normal, High. IP packets of customers subscribed to a plan with a High priority will be forwarded first in a case of traffic congestion. Values are 1 (high), 4(normal) and 8(low);

  • Aggregation - how many users will share the speed of the plan;

  • Burst - the percentage of the maximum burst speed allowed;

    • Burst threshold - the percentage at which burst speeds are enabled/disabled;
    • Burst Time - the period of time used in the calculation of Burst values.
  • Tariff plans available in customer portal - the list of other tariffs available for changing from the current tariff in the customer's portal. For more information, please read the following tutorial - Change plan from customer portal;

  • Types of billing - the types of billing the plan will be available to;

  • Prepaid (custom) period - by default, it is set to monthly and customers will be charged for a period of a month, but it is possible to select "Days amount" which will cause another field to appear:" Custom period (days)" - this will allow you to set a custom period in days. (7 days (week), 10 days, etc up to 365 days).


  • Available in self-registration - enables/disables the availability of the tariff when customers sign up for services via the social/self-registration add-on.

Once internet plans has been created, it is possible to configure CAP or FUP rules, see plan usage graphs and change plan for all services:


It is also possible to view a statistical graph of traffic for this plan with the use of the graph icon, in the Actions column, this button will present you with the following window:


Alternatively, this data can be presented in a table format and can be filtered by a specific period of time:


The Change plan icon can be used to change the plan in a mass action for all customers subscribed to this plan. Please follow the link below for more information:
Tariff Change

It is possible to export a current view of plans list and select some additional for displaying:


To select some new fields for displaying just select them and save changes:


Now when a new plan created you can create some internet services for customers. Please use this manual as a reference.

We also have a few reports based on plan statistic what can be found under Administration/Reports