A quote is a document provided to a lead to inform them of the cost of a service/s before they decide to purchase it.

To view a list of all quotes, simply click on the Quotes menu in the sidebar under the CRM module. Here we can see details for each quote and the operations column with multiple actions to execute to each quote - view, view PDF, download PDF, send, edit or delete.

Quotes Main View

Quotes per lead can be accessed by navigating to the Quotes tab on the leads page. Here we can see a list of all quotes generated for the selected lead, displaying a summary of the total value of the quotes and a filter section at the bottom of the page, used to display quotes of a specified status.


To add a quote we should click on the Add quote button in the top right-hand corner of the quotes tab under a selected lead's page.

When adding a quote we are presented with the pop-up window below:


Here we can edit the following fields:

  • Status - New, Sent, On review, Accepted or Denied.
  • Date - creation of the quote
  • Quote number - number for referencing quotes (Pattern/format can be changed under Config / CRM / Finance)
  • Valid till - The period of the quote's validity calculate from the day of creation to the valid till date. Default is set to 10 days (Can be changed under Config / CRM /Finance)
  • Note - Note directed to the lead
  • Memo - Personal note for the administrator
  • Create deal - Enable/Disable creating a deal from the quote (When enabled this quote is linked to a deal and vice versa for referencing)

From here we can select the Quote Tariff Select icon to choose a service to add to the quote. It is possible to add multiple services by selecting the "+" icon. Services can conveniently be re-ordered on the quote by dragging and dropping the services to the selected position of priority. You can also select the appropriate VAT percentage from the drop-down list in the VAT field.

Once we have created a quote, we can navigate to the operations column on the table of quotes. Where multiple actions can be performed - view, view PDF, download PDF, send, edit or delete.

When sending quotes to leads, it is possible to use templates to format the content in a desired fashion to display the quote.

Information on editing or creating Quote templates can found here