Prepaid vouchers

Within the Splynx core we have a powerful Radius server which provides different types of services to end users. One of our popular services is hotspot access for hotels, conference halls etc.

Splynx can used to provide hotspot access to regular customers or to generate prepaid vouchers for one time access. Pictures with examples of how to generate customized prepaid vouchers are shown below.


You can define voucher prices, download and upload speed, and traffic limit. Once vouchers are generated, you can edit and customize each voucher individually and set up the contact details of customers using the cards.

Information After the vouchers are generated, you do not need to activate them in Splynx (do not need to change Status to Active). They are ready to use.

Series view

Each voucher has its own statistics, charge of usage and detailed information:

Edit card

Configuration of Hotspot for prepaid vouchers can be found in the Radius hotspot configuration page.

The video tutorial below shows the configuration of prepaid vouchers in Splynx: