Monitoring configuration

To configure Monitoring, navigate to Config → Networking → Monitoring.




Here, you will be presented with a list of vendors. You can add/edit or remove vendors using the provided buttons. To add a new vendor, click on the + button at the right top corner of the table.

Device types


Here, you will be presented with a list of device types. To add a new device type, click on the + button.



Here, you will be presented with a list of groups for monitoring notifications. To edit existing groups, click on the edit button and to add a new group, click on the + button:

Let's add a new group called "Tech", with the following parameters:


Parameter descriptions:

  • Group - name of the group;

  • Delay time for notification - if the device does not change its status during this delay (in minutes), a notification will be sent;

  • Administrators for notifications - select the administrators for this group who will receive notifications;

  • Notifications to Splynx portal - enables/disables notifications on the Splynx admin portal when an admin is online;

  • Notifications to email - send notifications via email;

  • Notification email subject - indicate the subject for the email notification;

  • Notification email template - select the template of email notification;

  • Notifications via SMS - send SMS notifications;

  • Notification SMS template - select the template of SMS notification;

Monitoring backups


Select an SSH timeout for monitoring backups.