Admin login to Mikrotik routers

With the help of the Splynx Radius server, authenticating administrators locally has never been easier.

To configure the Radius Server, navigate to Config → Networking → Radius and click on the load button under the Nas config section.



Enable the "Use admin login" option:


Select the router you want to configure with Radius. Navigate to Networking → Routers → List, select the router and type the Radius secret password that is going to be used in the router Radius configuration.

Radius secret

Open Winbox, click on System → User and the User List window will pop up. Click on AAA (Authentication and Accounting), flag Use Radius. Radius secret

Click on System → User, the User List window will pop up. Select the tab Active Users, click on Radius, click on the default service and flag the Radius service you want to use: ppp, hotspot, dhcp, login. Insert the Radius Server, the Radius secret password, the source address of the interface connected to the Radius server.

Radius source

In Splynx, click on Administration → Administrators, click on Add and complete the administrator's details fields.


Create administrator

It is possible to choose the role of the administrator: Administrator, Customer Creator, Financial Manager, Manager, Super Administrator. In Router access (radius) the default permission are: read, write, full.

You can edit, change the permissions or delete the administrator with the provided icons Icons.

Now, if you try to connect the new Administrator to the winbox-router, you will see the new user created with the Radius server in User list.


You can conveniently view all operations of each Administrator by navigating to Administration → Logs → Operation.


If you click on the details icon , a window will appear displaying the details of the selected operation. Operation details

If you need a short log of the Radius logins, navigate to Administration → Logs → Files, search for radius and click on the file icon:

Logs Radius shortlog