• System language - select the system language.

Localization settings

  • Date format - select the date format which will be used in the system;
  • Online time format - select the online time format;
  • Time format - select the type time format (12 or 24 hours);
  • With seconds - enables/disables displaying of seconds;
  • Decimals - specify the number of digits to display after the separator;
  • Decimals separator - select a separator;
  • Thousands separator - select a separator for thousands (if needed);
  • First day of the week - select the first day of the week.

Finance format settings

Finance menu

  • Currency - select a preferred currency;
  • Currency symbol - specify the currency symbol;
  • Currency display position - specify where to display the currency symbol;
  • Tax name - specify the tax name relevant to your country;
  • Tax decimals - select tax decimals if needed (0, 2, 4);
  • Decimals - select decimals if needed from 0 to 4;
  • Decimals (for Voice) - select decimals for voice plans if needed
  • Decimals separator - select a decimals separator (. , );
  • Thousands separator - select a separator for thousands if needed (, . ');
  • Finance rounding - round each individual transaction or round the total amount in the end;
  • Invert account balance - enable/disable displaying the inverted customer's account balance.

Networking settings


  • Statistic usage unit - select a unit to display network statistics in, MB or GB;
  • Decimals - select the statistic usage decimals;
  • Decimals separator - select a usage statistics decimals separator;
  • Thousands separator - select a usage statistics thousands separator.

Holiday list

You can set up an individual holiday list in this section.




Then you will be able to consider the dates of these holidays in billing. Please read Finance automation to learn more.