Configuring Tariff Plans

This is where all your tariff plans for services are created, edited and stored.

In Splynx there are three types of tariff plans, namely: Internet, Voice, and Recurring plans. These are the main plans commonly used. However, there are also options to create One-Time charges and Bundles.

Tariff plans are assigned to customers as services, and these are the means by which we charge our customers.

Internet plans can be created to control internet speed, limit bandwidth usage (CAP) and create rules for usage (FUP).
Voice plans are created to charge customers for voice services and used for CDR processing.
Recurring plans are created to charge for unique services like IPTV services, public IP addresses, and other similar services.
One-Time plans are items used to charge customers once off, these are your non-recurring charges like installation fees, etc.
Bundles are created to group internet, voice and custom plans, to charge customers for packages instead of multiple separate services.

Please follow each of the sections below for more details on configuring tariff plans: