Stripe is a Splynx add-on used to synchronize customers, invoices and payments with the Stripe payment gateway -

Warning WARNING! Stripe works only via HTTPS connection; domain + SSL need to be set and configured.

The add-on can be installed in two methods, via the CLI or the Web UI of your Splynx server.

To install the Stripe add-on via CLI, the following commands can be used:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-stripe

To install it via the Web UI:

Navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons:


Locate or search for the "splynx-stripe" add-on and click on the install icon in the Actions column, you will be presented with a window to confirm or cancel the installation, click on confirm to begin the installation process:

Stripe Web install

After the installation process has completed, you have to configure the parameters in Config → Modules List

Module list

Locate or search for the "splynx_stripe_add-on" and click on the Edit icon in the Actions column:

Stripe configuration

You have to Set your Splynx URL, Public Key and Secret Key:

Stripe main settings Stripe main settings

Customers have to add a credit card in the customer portal:

Stripe add card 1

Stripe add card 2

Stripe add card 3

Once the configuration is completed, customers can pay for their invoices using the system in Finance / Invoices:

Stripe pay invoice 1

Stripe pay invoice 2

Stripe pay invoice 3

Stripe pay invoice 4

If everything went well, you will see the status of the invoice marked as "Paid" (in the customer and admin portal):

Stripe paid invoice 1

Stripe paid invoice 2

Additionally, you can charge all customers using one button. Navigate to Finance → Invoices, set the period and click on Charge as depicted below:

Stripe charge invoices 1

Stripe charge invoices 2

Stripe charge invoices 3