Customer management

Dreading as can be, customer management is a vital task for the continued, excellent service delivery as an ISP.

The Splynx family has taken into account each element when dealing with this and compiled an advanced customer management system which brings you an easy and manageable platform for you to effortlessly manage your customers.

Our management system consists of 6 main pages for each customer on the system. Namely, information, services, billing, statistics, documents, CPE and CRM.

Before we explore each section, it is vital to know that this module's tables like all the others within Splynx, is customizable to display information of your preference, furthermore, you are not limited by the fields available in the system by default.

Tables within Splynx can always be adjusted for whichever purpose to display whatever available data and "Additional Fields" can be created to capture data you might find necessary and not included in the default fields.

Modifying Tables

Additional Fields

Now that those rules have been established, please take a look at each section of our customer management module and how it works.