Custom additional fields

To add additional field, click on the Config menu, and click on Additional field. Additional field

Select the module where you'd like to add an additional field and click on Add button.

Select module and add

A window will pop up where you can create an additional field.

In this example, it shows a some_additional_field additional field for the Customers module. Add additional field

  • Required - impossible to save without filling in this field.
  • Unique - unique value for this field.
  • Show in list - shows in the list of the selected module as a column.
  • Add - add to the entry of every module.
  • Searchable - field will show up in searches.
  • Readonly - field will have a read-only value.
  • Disabled - field will be disabled.
  • Hidden - field will be hidden.
  • Set default value for all items - set as a default value for every field.

When the new field is created, it's possible to see the new field in the Additional Field table and in the Customer Information view: Additional field list

Customer info