Radius Extended

In addition to the main Radius configuration, here we can configure some extra features.


To change Radius Extended configuration, go to Config / Networking / Radius extended


Radd Server

In Splynx we have two Radius servers. We use Freeradius as external Radius server; it accepts connections from clients (from routers). Freeradius transfers Radius requests to internal Radius server called splynx_radd. Here we can configure where splynx_radd listens connections.

Listen Ip - IP of splynx_radd server.
Listen port - splynx_radd port.

(warning) If you change configuration here, also you should change PeerAddr, PeerPort in /etc/freeradius/splynx/splynx.pl

Debug / Logs

Short log - enable Radius short log.
File (short log) - where Radius short log file is located.
Debug - enable Radius debug log.
Debug level - debug level (0..10). 10 - more verbose.
Console - push debug messages to console, not recommended.
Syslog - push debug messages to syslog, not recommended.
File - push debug messages to file: /var/www/splynx/logs/radius/debug.log

Radius extended

Check online - check if customer is already online. If online - do not allow new connection (with the same credentials). If Check online is disabled, customers can connect few times with the same credentials.
DHCP (Send framed-route attribute) - Send framed-route from Radius server.
DHCP (Add customer to online after login) - when we use DHCP, add customer to online after his/her connection immediately. If DHCP (Add customer to online after login) is disabled, customer will be added to online only when his/her traffic reaches accounting limit (under Config / Networking / MikroTik API)
Add Mac/IP restriction on connect - If attribute MAC is empty in internet service settings - add MAC/IP from where customer connects.
Max Mac/IP restrictions added on connect - maximum number of MAC/IP that can be added into internet service settings.
PPP (ignore username and password) use only mac - Check only MAC address in internet service settings.


Administrators access

Without NAS - allow administrator access in case if NAS not found on Splynx
Default NAS id - please put NAS ID, if you enable access without NAS

Force network to use one NAS

Force network to use one NAS -
Network - network (for example:
Default NAS Id - put NAS ID which will be used by default for all this network
Set static IP on connect - If enabled, static IP will be set to service on connect

Proxy accounting

Enable proxy accounting -
Radius host - IP:Port
Radius secret - Radius secret NAS type ID - request for this NAS Type will be proxied to next radius, 0 - all

IP From pools (assignment)

Link locations - Link customer location to IP Pool location, this will work on case if in customer service selected Any pool, and all locations will cover different pools.
Use poll with Location = All - In case of pool with customer location not found, we can use Pools with Location = All.