Email config

To configure email sending click on Config → Main → Mail.

You should set the mail parameters:

Email address

  • Sender's name - name of the sender
  • Sender's email - email of the sender
  • Admin email - email of the administrator
  • Enable mail sending - select on when is desirable to send email from pool
  • Send to - If value is set all (!) emails will be send to this address
  • Copy email - If value is set copy of all emails will be send to this address(s). You can use many addresses separated by comma
  • Days to expire - how many days the server will try to send the email


  • Transport type - select sending protocol

SMTP config

  • Host - SMTP server name
  • Port - SMTP port
  • Verify SSL certificate - you can select in on or off with
  • Encrypted - select encrypted protocol
  • Use authentication - you can use SMTP authentication on or off with
  • Username - your username
  • Password - your password
  • Header key - custom header key
  • Header value - custom header value

Sendmail config

  • Path - Path to sendmail
  • Params - Params for sendmail


  • Email - Enter email for testing if necessary.

Email config menu Email config menu

We strongly advice to use an Email Delivery Service such as

Google mail Example

To use your Google mail account for email sending fill these fields:

Parameter Value
Sender's email your email (
Transport type SMTP
Port 465
Verify SSL certificate enabled
Encrypted SSL
Use authentication enabled
Username your username. Full email (
Password your password. Google account password

Please note:

  1. You should allow less secure apps to use your Google account (
  2. Google limits number of letters per day (
  3. Sometimes Google does not allow to send letters due to security reasons. In this case you should enter into account via browser and confirm that it was you (trying to send email recently)