In this section, we can view a report of customer financial statements specifically regarding transactions and invoices VS payments. The report is represented in a table format and specifically displays data specified in the filter criteria. Therefore, it is necessary to specify which kind of report you wish to display, being either transactions or invoices/payments. Simply use the filter located at the top right of the table to select a period and the type of data to display, then click on show:


Upon clicking on "Show" the data will be retrieved according to your criteria:


You can then filter the data to display results pertaining to a specific partner and/or location, or a specific customer, or even a customer category.


and here is the result for single customer:


Once you have filtered the table/report to display data of your preference, you can then download a PDF copy of the report/table with the use of the "Generate PDF" button located within the filter. Once generated, two options will become available:


  1. Download generated - download the result in PDF format;

  2. Send to customers - send the statement to each customer in this list.

On the tab FINANCE CUSTOMERS REPORT you can generate a simpler finance report:


Just select the period (1) and the status of the customer and click on Show (2). In can be exported using the export button on the left bottom corner.