Splynx is a complete solution that allows ISPs to manage a lot of business processes in one place instead of switching across different platforms. We brought our ticketing system to the next level in the v.2.3.

Ticketing platform is tailored to telecoms-specific needs, this means that you can do much more than just replying to the emails. Assign the tickets to the right person, prioritize the work and schedule the tasks for the technicians and much more.




The ticketing dashboard shows the following sections:

  • Status of current tickets.
  • General and per-agent statistics
  • Live log of recent activities.

The administrator creates the tickets in 2 ways:

  1. From the Dashboard in Tickets > Dashboard and clicking Create in the right top corner.


  1. Directly from customer's profile by clicking on the Support button and choosing Create from the drop-down menu.


After this you will be redirected to the 'Create ticket' window where the following options are available:

New ticket

  • Customer - which customer is ticket open for;
  • Assign to - who you want to assign the ticket to;
  • Priority - it can be Minor, Major, Critical;
  • Status - it can be New, Work in Progress, Waiting for Customer, Waiting on agent, Resolved;
  • Group - filtered group of admins;
  • Type - Question, Problem, Incident, Feature request, Lead;
  • Message - write the message body;
  • File - possibility to attach a file.

It is possible to add a canned response to the message body to optimize the productivity of admins.

Canned response

New canned responses can be added by clicking Add response button

Canned response

or in Config > Ticket canned responses.

Canned response

Option Hidden Hidden allows you to hide ticket from a customer.

It is possible to create a new field in the ticket. Information about adding custom fields is available here - Additional fields. Remember, that in order to see the new field in the main table, you should enable it by clicking on icon Add below the table.

The created ticket will be visible in the New and opened tickets table. It is even possible to filter the ticket by Period, Customer, Group, Type and Assigned to.

New & Open

It is possible to assign the ticket, change the status, priority etc. directly from the tickets table.

Edit ticket

The ticket working area is divided into 3 parts: ticket properties, action buttons and messages area.

Working area

  • In the properties we can assign the ticket to the right person, change status, prioritize the work, assign to a specific group and set the ticket type. We also oversee the Customer's information like Name, Email, Phone number and recent tickets.

  • The action buttons allow us to add a note, reply or forward the answer, check all ticket activities and schedule the task for an engineer directly within the ticket.

Schedule tech

Once the ticket has been resolved, you can change the status on closed and close the ticket or press the button Update and Close right after the answer. Every closed ticket is shown in Tickets → List of closed.

List closed


Your customer can create a ticket in three ways:

  1. By sending a query to your incoming email, like, and the ticket will be created automatically in the system. Please, find the incoming mail configuration by the following link.

  2. By creating a ticket from Customers Portal in Tickets > Create

Tickets portal

  • Subject - the subject of the ticket;
  • Priority - it can be: Minor, Major, Critical;
  • Message - the message;
  • File - possibility to attach a file.

Once the ticket is created it is possible to view it or close by using the following icons Add:

Tickets portal

  1. By creating a ticket from Splynx mobile self-service app.

Tickets mobile app

Information about tickets configuration can be found here - Support.