News feature will help you to provide your customers an updated information about services or some business aspects of your company.

To create News go to Support → News and click on Add News on the top right of the table.

Add news

"Create news" window will show up, where you will be able to fill in Title and Description field, choose the correct date, select Partners and location if necessary, and write a text of the news.

Create news

The editing option of the text allows you to edit or format the text, insert URL links and images.

Edit text

For example, you can insert URL link to redirect customers to your company's website to get more information about particular topic. To do so you simply need to highlight the word or phrase, which will be linked to a webpage, click on URL icon icon in the edition field under the text and enter URL. Then submit and save it.

Save url

After news are created it will be possible to edit or delete them with Edit delete icon icons in Actions section.

Edit news

It is also possible to sort the news by the Partner or Location.

Sort news

With the help of icon Save icon at the bottom left of the table you can print or copy the list of the news or save it in PDF or SCV format. By clicking on icon Columns icon you will choose columns to be displayed in the news table by drag & dropping them.

Show hide columns

Customers will be able to see the news on Customers Portal on their Dashboard. By clicking on the Title of the news they will read them and by clicking on interactive link they will be transferred to a webpage if needed.

Dashboard news

Read news

It is important to enable option Show portal news in Config → Portal → Dashboard in Splynx, so customers will be able to see the news.

Turn on news