Paynow Zimbabwe

Paynow Zimbabwe is a Splynx add-on used to make payments via the Paynow payment gateway -


The add-on can be installed in two methods, via the CLI or the Web UI of your Splynx server.

To install the "Paynow Zimbabwe" add-on via CLI, the following commands can be used:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-paynow

To install it via the Web UI:

Navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons:


Locate or search for the "splynx-paynow" add-on and click on the install icon in the Actions column:


Click on the "OK, confirm" button to begin the installation process:


Paynow account

To use the Splynx add-on, it is necessary to have a Paynow 3rd party shopping cart.

To create this cart the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Register your Paynow account

  2. Log in

  3. In the top menu, select Receive Payments / Other ways to get paid

  4. Under 3rd Party Shopping Carts & Business Systems Integration press the button Create/Manage Shopping Carts

  5. Under Advanced Integration press the button Create Advanced Integration

  6. Fill out the form and press Save (image)

  7. After you have pressed Save, the section Integration Key will appear.
    Copy the Intergration ID and paste it into Splynx.
    Press the button Email Key To. The Email letter will be sent to the Notification Email address. Copy the Integration Key and paste it into Splynx. (image)


Once the add-on has been installed and you have obtained all the details required from paynow, we can proceed to configurating the add-on.

Navigate to - _Config / Integrations / Modules list / splynx_paynowaddon and click on the edit icon in the Actions column



Entry points

By using Entry points, you can enable add-on features where you can allow:

  1. Customers to pay for invoices (image)

  2. Customers to pay for proforma invoices (image)

  3. Customers to pay for invoices and proforma invoices from the portal dashboard

  4. Customer with type of billing - prepaid to put money into their account from the portal dashboard

Add On settings


  • API domain - URL of Splynx server
  • API key, API secret - default values. Don't change this unless entirely necessary
  • Integration ID, Integration Key - values from the Paynow portal


  • Splynx url - URL of your Splynx server

  • Payment method ID - id number of the payment method from Config / Finance / Payment methods

  • Bank statements group - Group bank statements (Config / Finance / Bank Statements / History) monthly or daily

  • Service Fee - Paynow commision (in %). Depends on the Paynow plan

  • Add fee to request - Add the service fee to proforma invoices (as an additional item)

  • Fee message - Description of the fee invoice item

  • Fee VAT - VAT of Paynow comission (in %). Will be included into the service fee

  • Transaction fee category - id number of the transaction category from Config / Finance / Transaction categories

  • Additional info pattern for Paynow - the value that will be shown on the Paynow payment page.

Thereafter, customers will see a new button and will be able to pay for their invoices via the paynow system:



Customer will be redirected to paynow payment page, where they have to approve their payment: