Using the Netcash add-on, customers can pay for their invoices with a few clicks from the customer portal.

The add-on can be install in two methods, via the CLI or Web UI of your Splynx server.

To install the add-on via the Web UI, navigate to Config → Integrations → Add-ons


Locate or search for the "splynx-netcash" add-on and click on the install button in the Actions column:


To install it via CLI, the following commands can be used:

apt update
apt install splynx-netcash

After the installation process has completed, the add-on has to be configured, to do this navigate to Config → Integrations → Modules list

modules list

Locate or search for the "splynx-netcash" add-on and click on the edit button in the Actions column:


settings settings2

The "Service key" field must be inserted with your PayNow service key:

netcash profile

Under the "Payment notifications" section, you have to configure all URLs with the value in the following format:

Where your Splynx domain name.

The rest of the parameters doesn't have to be changed or you can configure an additional service fee(if needed) and other common settings.

After the configuration of the add-on, entry points(widgets for portal) should be enabled:

enable entry

Navigate to Config / Integrations / Module list, locate or search for the "splynx-netcash" module and click on the entry points icon in the Actions column:

entry points

Entry points (widgets) on the customer's portal for customers to pay their invoices can be enabled/disabled here.

We've enabled 2 entry points and they are available from the customer's portal:

On the dashboard: widget 2

And under Finance/Invoices: pay 3

We also have a widget for prepaid customers to add an amount of money directly from the customer portal. To enable it navigate to the addon's entry points menu and locate the following entry point/widget:

prepaid widget

You will then see it on the customer's portal:


prepaid pay

Netcash logs can be found under Administration → Logs → Netcash logs


We highly recommend to check Netcash logs in case of payment failure to understand the reason of it.

Also all Netcash bank statements can be found under Finance/Bank statements/View history:


Here you'll see all payment attempts. Here is short description for statement statuses:

  • New - this status means a new payment what wasn't processed yet. In some cases it should be processed manually using this button:


  • Processed - successfully processed payment;

  • Error - declined payment, not processed;

  • Pending - the payment was made but still not processed.


In most cases when some Netcash payments weren't processed in Splynx (for example under bank statements you have multiply payment with "New" status even if payment was completed and it exists in Netcash) it's related to payment notification URLs under PayNow configuration. Make sure that all URLs are correct.

Also you can check Netcash logs under Administration/Logs/Netcash logs for a possible reason of failed payment.