Mikrotik: DHCP with Radius

Associate a permanent IP to a client

To configurate the Splynx Radius Server with the DHCP service you should have a DHCP server configured on the interface of your router. Select your DHCP server and make sure you have the option "Use RADIUS" flagged. Also, make sure you have selected in Address pool "static only" (the DHCP is going to get the IP from the Splynx RADIUS server).

DHCP config

To configure the Splynx Radius Server, click on Networking → Routers → List, select the router where you have configured your dhcp service, click on the "Authorization/Accounting" window and select DHCP (Radius)/ API accounting).

Radius view

Click on IPv4 Networks → Add and create the network you want to use with the dhcp service. Don't forget to select Static in Type of usage.


Click on Customers → List, select a customer and click on the tab Services. Now you can add a new service, just click on the +.


When you add the service, you should pay attention to three fields:

  • Router - select the router that is used with the dhcp service
  • Taking IPv4 - select Permanent IP ( from static IPs)

IPv4 - IP you want to be associated with the customer

  • MAC (s) - MAC address of the customer

Create service