DSL Telkom (Openserve) authentication

South African provider Telkom allows smaller ISPs to resell his services. The services are sold under trademark Openserve (http://openserve.co.za/). Splynx can communicate with Telkom/SAIX proxy servers and authenticate PPPoE DSL customers. But few configuration steps are needed to allow Splynx to talk with Openserve proxies.

  1. First of all create NAS type DSL_Telkom or with similar name that will help you to recognise Openserve server. Please add Radius attributes provided to you by Telkom. Please setup accounting interval to default SAIX interval : NAS type

  2. Then add all proxies as Routers to Splynx software, please specify NAS type = DSL_Telkom (configured in previous step). Also define the Radius secret that is used for proxy server and Radius server communication.

  3. Next step is to edit Radius extended settings under Config / Networking / Radius extended:


Important field is Default NAS Id. This is the ID of Router in Splynx routers, that will "link" customers - show that they are connected through it online.

  1. Last step is to add missing attribute to Freeradius dictionary, open file /etc/freeradius/dictionary and add there one line :
    ATTRIBUTE Alcatel-Lucent-Service- 3002 integer

This setup is supported by Splynx 1.x and Splynx 2.x versions and Freeradius 2 and Freeradius 3 daemons.