Administrators can customize their profile details here. Details like login in passwords and signatures can be personalized, saved column preferences can be reset, tickets canned responses and groups can be configured here for the admin as well.

Profile Profile Profile

Profile - Displays the full name of the current administrator and a photo can be added here.

Change Password - To change the current password of the administrator the old password needs to be entered first and the new password can be entered and confirmed with the fields provided.

Two-Factor-Authentication - For enhanced security, administrators can choose to enable and configure two-factor-authentication to log into their profile. All platforms are supported.

Two factor

Change Timeout - You can choose to enable and set a timeout period for auto-logout or simply leave the value on 0 to disable this function.

Reset Columns - All columns that were added to the default view of any table within Splynx can be reset with this function.

Support - Administrators can add a signature here to use in ticket responses.

Ticket canned groups - Groups for canned responses can be created here to organize and group canned responses. Simply click on the + add button to create a new group.

Add canned groups

Add canned groups

Ticket canned responses - pre-configured responses for tickets can be created and saved here to optimize response time and improve efficiency. Simply click on the + add button to add a new response.

Add canned response

Add canned response