Change service in the charged period

Sometimes you need to change services for customers, but old services are already charged for and therefore the system does not allow you to do this for the current month but only for the next month.

To resolve this issue you have to go through the next steps:

  1. Cancel the last charge using the button on the customer's billing tab in Customers / View / Billing overview:


  1. Now the option to change the desired service will be available/possible. So, navigate to the 'Services' tab and change the service using the "Change plan" button.


  1. The last step, you have to charge customer again using the "charge & Invoice" button in the Billing tab:


Please be advised that when charging the customer after the change of plan, it is very important to select the correct date to include all transactions on the invoice generated.

In the scenario where the invoice generated does not include the customer's prior payment. It will then be necessary to add a credit transaction to the invoice.

Attention! All the steps above are for recurring billing customers only.