The Search engine in SPLYNX is divided in:

  • Search a customer or a card
  • Search inside a table
  • Search in the whole system

Customer search

To search a customer, click on Customers Menu → Search. In the poped-up window will be possible to make a search in the customers database.

Customer search

Here you will be able to use different parameters for the search, such as:

  • ID - ID of the customer
  • Login - the login of the customer
  • Status - the options are: New (not yet connected), Active, Inactive (doesn't use services), Blocked, Select all (to select all options).
  • Type of billing - it can be Recurring Payments, Prepaid, Select all (to select all options).
  • Email - email of the customer.
  • Phone Number - phone number of the customer.
  • Date add - the date when the customer has been added into database.
  • Category - the options are: Private person, Company, Select all (to select all options).
  • Partner - one of the partners created or all of them.
  • Location - location of the customer.
  • Tariff - the tariff created
  • Service - the options are: Internet, Voice, Custom.

To get a more customizable search, you can click on My Profile Menu → Customer search fields and select different fields.

Customer search fields

To search a card click on the Customers Menu → Cards → Search. It is possible to do a search in the Prepaid cards database with that option.

Card search

Different parameters for searching here can be used, such as:

  • ID - ID of the customer
  • Serie - the card's serie
  • Prefix - the card's prefix
  • Status - the options are: New, Active, Expired, Used, Disabled, Online, Select all
  • Full name - name of the owner
  • Phone - phone number of the owner
  • Email - email of the owner
  • Seller name - name of the seller
  • Partner - name of the partner
  • Location - location where the customer's card is based

Search inside a table

It is possible to search a particular data inside any table in Splynx. Use the search tab of every table and get the complete view as a result.

View search

Search in the whole system

It is possible to do a full text search in the system. Use the main search tab as it is shown in the screenshot.

Whole system search