Customer services

It is possible to associate different services for every customer: Internet services, Voice services and Custom services. In order to add a new service for the customer, select the Customer view and click Add service or + sign next to the service (make sure customer is in Active status).

Service table

A window will pop up and it will be possible to select the service.

Create service 1

Create service 2

  • Plan - the tariff (Internet, Voice, Custom)
  • Description - a description of the tariff (optional)
  • Quantity - the quantity of the service
  • Unit - a unit of measurement is a definite magnitude of a quantity (if using for invoices - for example: m, ft, etc.)
  • Price - the price (custom price can be used that differs from service price)
  • Pay period - pay period for this service
  • Start date - when the service will start
  • End date - when the service will end
  • Discount - it is possible to set a discount with the percentage, start and end dates of the discount
  • Status - the options are Active, Disabled, Stopped, Pending, Archived.

    • Active - Status that client needs to be on to function.

    • Disabled - Status when data cap has been reached. Can also be used when assuming that customer will no longer use the service.

    • Stopped - Used to temporary disable the service. Will be set automatically if customer status is changed to Inactive, when customer will be activated, service status will be automatically changed to Active.

    • Pending - Status while we wait for another service to activate.

    • Archived - Archived for future information.

Tariff options

  • Router - The router that API will use to connect to (for all API functions - Shaping, contention, address lists)

    Warning This is only required when using API authentication methods in Networking settings

  • Login - the login used in services such as PPPoE or Hotspot. Login must be unique in active services.

  • Password - the password used in services

    Warning If you don't create a password the password from the Main Information page will be used.

  • Taking IPv4 - the options are None (Router will assign IP), Permanent IP, Dynamic IP. (Make sure the IP's network is the same type of assignment when creating it in IPv4 manager)

  • IPv4 - IP address which will be assigned to customer's device. Available only when Taking IPv4=Permanent IP.

  • Additional network - this is customer's network. Network route to this network will be added on the provider's router (NAS). Available only when Taking IPv4=Permanent IP.

  • IPv4 Pool - the options are Any pool or specific pool. Available only when Taking IPv4=Dynamic IP.

  • Mac(s) - MAC address(es). Separated by comma.

    Information Only the first MAC address will be used if Authorization/Accounting for the router is Hotspot (Users) / API Accounting or PPP (Secrets) / API Accounting

  • Port ID - the port ID

You can edit a service, schedule a future change, change the plan, view the graph for the service, apply additional discounts, delete or geolocate the service by these actions. Services actions

Actions table