Customer information

Customer information is divided into Main information and Additional information, both of them are shown in a view.


  • ID - ID of the customer. It has given by the system in a sequential order
  • Login - user login
  • Password - user password. The password is masquerade by default, but it is possible to see the password in plain text, if you just click on the password field
  • Status - the options are: New, Active, Inactive, Blocked. It is not possible to operate with some functions on the customer if the status is not Active. In order to delete the customer the status has to be Inactive
  • Type of billing - the options are Recurring payments or Prepaid
  • Full name - full name of the customer
  • Email - email of the customer
  • Phone Number - phone number of the customer
  • Partner - partner of the customer
  • Location - location of the customer
  • Street - Street of the customer
  • ZIP code - ZIP code of the customer
  • City - city of the customer
  • Date Add - when the customer has been added

It is possible to create additional field with the function Additional fields.