Customer information

Customer information is divided into Main information, Additional information and Maps.

Main information configuration can be edited in Customer configuration


  • ID - ID of the customer. Given by the system in a sequential order

  • Login - user login (Used to enter Customer Portal)

  • Password - user password. The password is masked by default, but it is possible to see the password in plain text, if you just click on the password field (Used to enter Customer Portal)

  • Status - the options are: New, Active, Inactive, Blocked. Some functions are limited to the customer being in the Active status. In order to delete the customer you should first set the status to Inactive -> Save -> Actions -> Delete

  • Type of billing - the options are Recurring payments or Prepaid

  • Full name - full name of the customer

  • Email - email of the customer

  • Phone Number - phone number of the customer

  • Partner - partner that the customer belongs to

  • Location - location that the customer is in

  • Street, ZIP Code, City - Address of the customer

  • Geo data - physical coordinates of the customer

  • Date Added - when the customer was added

It is possible to create additional field with the function Additional fields.