Voice plans

Why use Voice plans in Splynx?

There are two main reasons for voice plans :

  1. Charging clients monthly fee for voice services such as VOIP, Toll number, Number rental or Mobile plan.
  2. Processing of VOIP CDR. Splynx is able to auto or manual process the CDR from Voice platforms, attach calls from CDRs to proper customer, create transaction for voice usage and make one common invoice for Voice services and Internet.

To configure the Voice plan, click on Tariff plans → Voice and click on Add plan.


You will redirect to add plan page and be possible to create a plan.


  • Title - the name that describe the tariff in the Voice Tariffs table
  • Service name - the service used
  • Price - the price for the service
  • Type - the options are: VOIP, Fix or Mobile
  • Partners - the partner 's name
  • VAT Included - select it on or off
  • VAT - you can decide the percentage of the VAT
  • Tariff plans available in customer portal - the list of tariffs allowed for changing from current tariff on customer's portal
  • Types of billing - the types of billing for which allowed current tariff
  • Prepaid (custom) period - by default it's monthly and customers will charges for whole month, but you can select "Days amount"
  • Custom period (days)* - appears only when selected "Days amount" (from previous step) and allow to set custom pedion in days (7 days (week), 10 days, etc up to 365 days)


  • Available when register by social network - using from social/self registration addon and allow to select current tariff during registration

It is possible to edit or to delete the tariff with the icons edit.png or delete.png in the column Actions.

There are two symbols symbolsbottomleft.png on the bottom left of the table. The first one on the left esportaformati.png is used to copy, print the table and to export it in different formats: Excel, CSV, PDF. The second modifytheview.png is used to modify the view of the table.

After the creation of Voice plan, it is possible to associate the service to a customer. Click on Customer → List, select the customer, click on the tab Services and select Add voice service from the Add service menu.


A window will pop up to create the service.

createvoice_service.png createvoice1000.png

It is possible to see the new service in the Services table.


To get more information about Voice CDR processing, please, follow the link.