Bundle Plans

Bundle Plan is a new kind of plan from version 2.1 that allows to group internet, voice and custom services in only one, so with that is possible to set a one common price for the services group. It also improves the service management when a customer has more than one service.

To define a new Bundle plan, go to Tariff Plans → Bundles

And click on Add bundle.

image2018-4-25_16-19-43.png image2018-4-25_16-20-24.png

In addition to the current tarif fields, we have add some other information related to an activation/cancellation fees and contract duration.

Activation fee → Price for the service activation.

Get activation fee when → Select between first service billing/create service.

Contract duration month(s) → Set number of months

Automatic renewal → Enable automatic contract renewal.

Auto reactivate when deposit become more then minimal balance → Enable reactivate customer after recharge deposit automatically.

Prior cancellation fee → Price of prior cancellation of contract.

Discount period month(s) → Set number of months.

Discount percent → Percentage of the discount.

Here you can see an example already created. We could add more than 1 internet, voice or custom plan in the same bundle.


After we add a bundle plan, it will also create each plan in the correct box, if you delete or the bundle, it will affect to all plans inside it.

image2018-4-25_16-35-24.png image2018-4-25_16-36-2.png

After add the plan, we can edit it and cancell/renew the contract or edit some fields.

image2018-4-25_16-39-13.png image2018-4-25_16-39-53.png

Also inside of each service you can config it individually.