Network Weathermap Editor

To create a new map open editor tool in Splynx Config → Networking → Network Weathermap:



Choose the name for new MAP and create it. New map "map1" was created and it's empty now:


You need to have a device added. Weathermaps work with equipment which is added to Networking → Monitoring. So, to get some visualisation of the network we need to add devices to Monitoring and configure their SNMP OIDs for interface traffic, CPU etc.. Once devices are added, we can create a node clicking on Add Node, and then click somewhere on map.


To configure node settings click on the node. There you can set position, label, which device it is, graphs and the icon.

Node properties

Then we can add a link between two nodes clicking on Add Link:



Click on the link to configure it:

Link properties

It's posible to add graphs of link and view them hovering the mouse on the link. To add graphs go to Networking → Monitoring → List and select the device you want to add graphs:


Then, write the label name, and select router and parameter you want to visualize:


Then you can see graphs going to Networking → Network Weathermap and hovering on devices or links, as it's shown in the following screenshot:

Hold graph

To view the legend click on Position Lengend and then click somewhere on the map. The legend will appear.


Also it's posible to edit Map Properties and Map Style, where we can change some settings:

Map properties

Map style