MikroTik API

To configure MikroTik API click on Config → Networking → MikroTik API.

Choose if 1KB is 1000 or 1024 bytes**:


Check if the Debug is enable or disable for MikroTik API, set number of attempts and Timeout in seconds:




  • Write log file for accounting - Write log file for accounting (recommended only for debug purpose). Min bytes for accounting - Gather stats if "in + out" traffic is larger than (bytes).
  • Max timeout - Set timeout.
  • Max session time - Divide big sessions to smallest one every (hours).
  • RRD enable - Enable write to RRD files (for graphs).
  • RRD cached enable - Enable rrdcached (speed up rrd writing).

Configure simple shaping:

Simple shaping

  • Reverse In/Out - Enable if you want to change upload by download and vice versa.
  • Queue type for download - Set queue download type.
  • Queue type for upload - Set queue upload type.

Configure PCQ shaping:

PCW shaping

  • Shaping in - Chain where the rules are created.
  • Shaping out - Chain where the rules are created.
  • Routing in - Set type of routing in.
  • Routing out - Set type of routing out.
  • For radius - If yes, rules will be made for all plans (but without address-list, and without aggregation in plans).
  • Connection mark - Enable connection mark.