To configure your ticketing system click on Config → Main → Support.

Config menu

The support is divided into four areas:



  • View ticket in modal window - It is possible to choose to see the ticket in modal window by enabling this option.

  • Send emails - It is possible to send an email notification every time when the ticket is updated by turning this option on

  • Copy email - you can use an additional email in Copy email if you want to add a Carbon Copy.

  • Send notifications to admin panel (if it's online) - if option is enabled, notifications will be send to admin panel.

The mail configuration is explained in Email config.

Ticket statuses

It is possible to create new statuses by clicking on the plus above the table.


A window will pop up where you will write a Title of the new status. For every status you can define a label with a different color: Default, Primary, Success, Warning, Danger, Info.

Create status

You can edit or delete existing statuses be clicking on icons and option in the "Actions" column of the table.

Edit status

Ticket assigments

When customer has created the ticket, it is possible to auto assign the ticket to a particular administrator on default.

Ticket assigments

Ticket templates

You can set parameters of ticket templates here.

Ticket templates