SMS sending configuration

Splynx supports sending of SMS using different SMS gateways. To configure SMS sending you need to find a suitable SMS gateway and set up Splynx to work with it.

To configure SMS sending in Splynx navigate to Config → Main → SMS.

Config menu

NOTE! Configuration will be unique for each SMS gateway.

SMS logs can be found under Administration - Logs - SMS or under Support - Messages - History

Example of Clikatell SMS gateway configuration: main main

Example of BurstSMS SMS gateway configuration: main main


  • Gateway URL - URL of SMS gateway(should be specified in gateway documentation);
  • Payload - request payload for sending SMS. Depends on content type(JSON or x-www-form-urlencoded) and syntax provided by SMS gateway;
  • Method - method to call gateway (POST or GET);
  • Content type - how to handle payload (JSON or x-www-form-urlencoded). JSON can be used only with POST method;
  • Enable SMS sending - enable/disable SMS sending from Splynx;
  • Debug - enable/disable debug to log file /var/www/splynx/logs/cron/sms.log;
  • Successful response - if SMS gateway returns some successful response it should be configured here so Splynx could know what SMS was sent;
  • Days to expire - how many days server will try to send SMS. Then will be marked as "Error".

Check SMS balance

Example of check SMS balance config using Clikatell SMS gateway main

  • Enalbe - enable/disable checking SMS balance;
  • Check URL - URL what is using for checking SMS balance(should be in gateway documentation);
  • Field name - name of field with account balance;
  • Requested method - method to call gateway(GET or POST);
  • Once per - check balance every selected period of time;
  • Email - result will be send to this email;
  • Dashboard notification - enable/disable notification with SMS account balance on dashboard;
  • Minimum balance - balance value which will trigger notification.

Custom header

Sometimes needed for configuration of SMS sending. To use or not to use - must be described in SMS gateway documentation.

Few examples of custom headers below:

header1 OR header2



  • Phone - target phone number to make test. Sometimes must be specified with "+" ahead(full format of phone number for country).

We have a special topic on forum where you can find a suitable SMS gateway and find our what gateways can't be used in Splynx: