Customer settings such as login settings, customers limit in search, statistics graphs settings can be configured in Config →Main →Customers.

Main menu

The following parameters can be configured here:


  • Can change login - with enabled option will be possible to change login during adding a new customer. With option disabled login will be automatically generated when you'll be adding a new customer.

    The checkbox The field Login

  • Characters for generation - add characters which will be used for login and password generation (e.g. capital, small letters, numbers)

  • Show button "Generate" - Enabled option will show button for generating customer login in Customers → Add.

    Login generator

  • Login pattern - create login pattern. Could be vars: {id}, {email}, {phone}, {partner_id}, {location_id}, {rand_string}, {rand_number}, {year}, {month}, {day}, {next}


  • Show customers limit - enter amount of customers which will be shown in search
  • Statistics graphs in - choose graphs in Bytes(Bps) or Bits(bps)