Template values

You can set Template values for each Partner in Configuration → Finance → Template Values.

Main menu

At the top-right corner of the "Template values" screen you will choose a Partner:


As a reminder, you can add or edit partner in Splynx in Administration → Partners.


More information about creating or editing a new partner you can find on our tutorial page - Partners.

You can define the following Template values for each Partner:

  • Company name - write the name of the company
  • URL of billing (Splynx) - insert URL of Splynx billing system if needed
  • Street, ZIP Code, City, Country - fill in the partner's address
  • Email - you can provide and email of the partner
  • Phone - provide phone number of the partner
  • Company ID - you can provide the partner's company ID if needed
  • VAT number - you can write VAT number of the partner's company
  • VAT % - you can write a VAT percentage
  • Bank Account, Bank name, Bank Address - you can provide partner's bank account details, such as Bank account, Bank name and address
  • Partner percent (%) - here you can define a commission for the partner from each payment made by customers for their services. More information about commission for the Partner can be found here - Partners. .
  • Invoice PDF Template - choose the template for Invoice PDF for the partner
  • Proforma Invoice PDF Template - choose the template for Proforma Invoice PDF
  • Payment receipt Template - choose the template for the Payment receipt
  • Reminder Mail Template - choose the template of email reminder
  • Reminder SMS Template - choose the template of SMS reminder

Information about configuring Templates can be found in our tutorial page - Templates