Scheduling Application

SPLYNX is a powerful all-in-one software solution, tailormade for ISPs to handle billing, BSS & OSS. We invest into development to improve our technology and ensure that it is up to date with market requirements. Our experience allows us to truly understand the requirements of modern ISPs and provide the software they need to meet their needs.

Our flexible mobile scheduling app is optimized to provide you with quick and efficient task management in the field. All tasks are located on a central platform, ready for your technicians to complete the job at hand with ease and keep you updated at all times. Their time is also managed by the integrated calendar, allowing them to navigate through scheduled work quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of printed work orders - all task details, checklists, time spent, and customer information is readily available. The integration into maps also provides the possibility to easily track the location of all tasks.

If you wish to make use of this app, please ensure that the following permissions have been granted to the technicians/administrators who will be using the app: Permissions