Pending statuses/plans

Pending statuses\plans logs tables shows the list of statuses or plans with forthcoming changes. It could be, for example, when customer's status is set to be changed on a particular day or new service will be activated on a specific day.


Pending statuses section displays date of change, customer's ID and status (new, activate, blocked, inactive). To view Customer's information you can click on customer's ID.

Pending services section displays date of change, description of the service, its price, type and plan. To view Service plan information you can click on a name of the plan in a Plan's column of the table.

  1. How to set up pending change of status

To set up a pending change of status for a customer click on Calendar icon next to the Status ViewIcon1 in Customer's Information window. Then set the date when status will be changed and choose the appropriate status and save changes.

Planned change status

After changes will be saved the Calendar icon next to the Status will change its colour ViewIcon2. And you will be able to check the pending status in Administration → Logs → Pending statuses\plans.

Pending customers

  1. How to set up pending change of service

To set up a pending change of service go to Customers → View → Services, select a service you'd like to add, and click on icon ViewIcon3.

Create service

Then, choose the plan and fill up the rest of fields in open window if needed: Quantity, Unit, Price, Dates, Status, Voice device, Phone. You can also turn on a Discount option here, so customer will be charged discounted price for the service. Set up the start date for the service. If it is any further date you can choose a pending status for the service until that date. On a planned start date of the service iыt status will be automatically changed on active.

Create service2

If you click on Edit icon ViewIcon4 you will see current and pending status of the service, which can be changed if needed.

Edit service

After service has been added it will be possible to check it in in Administration → Logs → Pending statuses/plans (if starts date differs from today's date and it has pending status).

Pending services