Xero accounting (Add-on is outdated and not supporting)

(Add-on is outdated and not supporting)

Splynx is able to sync Customers, Invoices and Payments with Xero accounting software - https://www.xero.com

The logic of the process is:

Splynx synchronizes the customer database with Xero
Splynx issues invoices/charges customer on Billing day
All invoices generated in Splynx are pushed to Xero
Payments are processed in Splynx (Cash, Paypal, Bank statement processing, Debit orders, Authorize.net, Credit cards)
Payments are pushed from Splynx to Xero and invoices in Xero are marked as paid

To setup Splynx and Xero integration we have to go through several steps.

Before all else, we need to install the Splynx Xero module:

 apt-get update

 apt-get install splynx-xero-addon

Then, first step is to create account in Xero (if you don't have one already): Entry point 1 When account is created, we need to activate Xero API, which is located at https://app.xero.com/Application/ Entry point 1

Splynx is used as a Private application and we need to take a public key from Splynx and copy it to X509 Public key field to Xero Application settings.

It's located on Linux Splynx server, path /var/www/splynx/addons/splynx-xero-addon/config/certs, file publickey.cer: Entry point 1 Copy and paste it into Xero Application window: Entry point 1 Xero creates Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, which we copy and paste into Splynx file path /var/www/splynx/addons/splynx-xero-addon/config/params.php: Entry point 1

Entry point 1 After these steps, Xero module should appear in Finance tab of Splynx and it should show us Xero module interface, where we can start syncing plans, customers and taxes: Entry point 1 Synchronizing of Taxes and Tariff plans

Sales Tax or VAT depends on a country and it is different. In Splynx each plan has a tax field called VAT. Tax value in Splynx should correspond with Sales Tax in Xero. For example, if we have a Sales Tax 0%, we can leave Xero default settings, in case when Tax is different, we should change it or add more taxes in Xero. Taxes in Xero are located in Settings → Tax rates: Entry point 1 We change it to 21%, because the local tax of testing company is 21%: Entry point 1 Then, it's important to verify, if Taxes are loaded properly in Splynx Xero module: Entry point 1 When Tariff plans are defined in Splynx, it creates services in Xero accordingly. Important is to define correct Sales Account number in Splynx plans. Xero has the list of all accounts according to the country where software is used. For example, Sales account for all sales in our example is 400, so it's needed to enter to Splynx plans value 400 in Sales Account field: Entry point 1 Let's match all plans (internet, voice and custom) to Sales account 400: Entry point 1 When taxes are ready, next step is to synchronize all Splynx plans with Xero services. Example of Internet plans sync is below: Entry point 1 Voice plans sync: Entry point 1 As soon as we synchronize all plans, Xero ID should appear in Tariff Plan settings in Splynx: Entry point 1 Pushing customers from Splynx to Xero and vice versa. Entry point 1 After clicking Sync button Splynx customer accounts will be created in Xero: Entry point 1 Xero view: Entry point 1 Also, there is a way how to push existing customers from Xero to Splynx, or match entries in Xero with existing accounts in Splynx: Entry point 1 Invoice and Payment synchronization with Xero

Splynx generates invoices for all customers with enabled billing engine accordingly to their Billing day. If billing day is set as 1, invoice to customer will be created on 1st day of the month. If, for example, Billing day is 15, Splynx will generate invoice on 15th day of the month for the period: 15th - 14th of the next month. Splynx is able to charge customers in advance or charge for services already provided. All invoices are sent from Splynx to Xero during 1 hour of creation. Here are invoices generated in Splynx: Entry point 1 They are also created automatically in Xero: Entry point 1 Invoices in Splynx and Xero contain the same information. The PDF design can also be exactly the same, numbering sale as well: Entry point 1 When payment arrives to Splynx, we also send it to Xero and mark Xero invoices as paid: Entry point 1 Xero view of paid invoices: Entry point 1 To sync Invoices and Payment on the fly we need to enable WebHooks inside Splynx settings, please open menu Config → Hooks: Entry point 1

Entry point 1