Self Registration

Self Registration (formerly called Social registration) is a Splynx add-on that allows customers to register themselves in the Splynx portal using their e-mail or mobile phone. Also customers can register and log in using Google+, Facebook or Twitter account.

If you want to use this add-on with social platforms - it is necessary to have API applications . If you don't have - you can read how to create them below.

To install "Self Registration" add-on, enter these commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install splynx-social-registration

or you can install it from Web UI:

Config -> Integrations -> Add-ons:




After Installation you have to configure add-on under Config / Integrations / Modules List.



You need to enable Entry points status for portal in Main information section


You may enable or disable Entry Points. There are two entry points in configuration.


The first one provides ability to sign-in to Splynx-portal using social networks.


The second one provides ability of registration via social networks.


Edit URL of your server:


Enable social networks that you want to use:


You can enable TowerCoverage integration:


Change setting and press Save.



Customer needs to Enter required information, and press Sign In button.


Login customer to Splynx-portal

  • Login with Facebook
    If customer is not logged in Facebook, he will be prompted to log in into Facebook and then redirected to Splynx-portal. 21.png

  • Login with Google If customer is not logged in Google+, he will be prompted to log in into Google and then redirected to Splynx-portal. 22.png

  • Login with Twitter
    If customer is not logged in Twitter, he will be prompted to log in into Twitter and then redirected to Splynx-portal. 23.png

Information about social-network is stored in Customer / Information / Additional information in the field Social ID


How to create and enable API-apps in Google+, Facebook, and Twitter

Google API

You need a Google API Console project to integrate Google Sign-In into your Splynx-site. To create a Google API Console project and client ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google API Console (

  • Select an existing project, or create a new one 4.png

  • In the sidebar under APIs & Services, select Credentials, then select the OAuth consent screen tab

  • Choose an Email Address, specify a Product Name, and press Save 6.png

  • In the Credentials tab, select Create credentials drop-down list, and choose OAuth client ID 7.png

  • Under Application type, select Web application Authorized JavaScript origins - URL of your Splynx-server Authorized redirect URIs - enter these values: 1) 2)


  • Click Create

NOTICE: If the customer receives this error message during registration or sign-in process, then add wrong URI (1), to Authorized redirect URIs list.


Reference: Google documentation

Facebook API

To integrate Facebook Login into your Splynx-site, you must have a Facebook API. Notice: Splynx-site must use HTTPS. It is required by Facebook.

  • Go to developers portal

  • Create App 13.png

  • In Select a product select Facebook Login (click Set Up)

  • Do not use Quickstart, use Settings selfreg_fb-use-settings.png

  • Enter Valid Oauth redirect URIs: 1) 2) 15.png

  • Click Save Changes

  • Go to App Settings / Basic, copy App ID and App Secret to Splynx

  • Enable App as Public (from App Review) 17.png

Reference: Facebook documentation

Twitter API

For Twitter integration, go to page Application Management -

  • Create New App 18.png

  • Enter application Name, Description, Website, Callback URL (, and click button Create your Twitter application 19.png

  • From tab Keys and Access Tokens copy Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) to Splynx

  • Go to Permissions and enable Request email addresses from users

    • *

TowerCoverage Integration